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Take Your First Step

And Begin Your Journey of Leading Whole

I've created a variety of support to meet you where you're at.  Take a look and see what experience speaks to you most. Each offering is uniquely designed to help you:

  • build up confidence, clarity, courage, and consistency,

  • live a life aligned with your values,

  • remain true to yourself in every aspect of your life,  

  • take more risks towards the fullness of your potential,

  • live courageously, with more forgiveness, grace, and self-compassion. 

  • tune into your intuitive voice and connect to something much greater than yourself.  


View the Women of Purpose & Power Events Calendar

Attend an Event

Every month we’ve got a variety of free and paid events designed specifically to move past surface level exchange in order to help you connect with your purpose and power. A bit of what you can expect once inside:

  • Workshops

  • Community building 

  • Sacred space for your "inner work" 

  • Live Q&A with our podcast guests

  • Live 1:1 coaching support 

Subscribe below to access to our events calendar and be the first to know about any upcoming opportunities to gather with other Women of Purpose & Power

Develop a deeper practice of self-love & acceptance

Become a member

Aligned & Anchored is our yearlong community of practice for diverse women of faith awakened to their spirituality and radically committed to becoming their truest, highest versions of self. Some membership benefits:

  • 2 hours of RAW (real, authentic and worthwhile) conversation every month 

  • quarterly workshops 

  • affinity groups

  • 1:1 accountability

  • 24/7 access to our online community and app

Want to learn how you can gain loving support and accountability as you practice giving yourself back to yourself, aligning your life to your values, and anchoring in a deeper connection to God?


Experience the transformative power of how we gather

Join a Retreat

Join us in-person for a transformational week-long retreat in a global destination. Together we will gather to renew, recharge, restore and reconnect. It’s the ultimate rejuvenating experience where together we’ll dive deep into the truth of who you are and pull back the layers to discover what you have the power to do. Our retreats are sacred space focused on healing, inner reconciliation and self-liberation that you won’t want to miss. As our community grows we aim to offer yearly in-person retreats in the following places:

  • North America

  • SE Asia

  • East Africa

Retreats are intentionally designed for intimacy and depth, by keeping groups under 12.  Payment plans are available and spaces first come, first serve .  


Faith on Fire

Many of you who identify as Christian have been asking for specific support around your journeys of faith. You've expressed a desire to deepen your understanding of Kingdom principles and experience the Holy Spirit in more tangible ways in order to live a life Jesus level impact- full of miracles, signs and wonders. Our response to your request is to craft a deeply intimate group program that enables you to live everyday from a place of Faith on Fire

We want to ensure this experience not only meets your needs but radically exceeds anything you could have ever desired for yourself. Therefore we're designing the entire learning journey and structuring curriculum around the specific needs expressed by the women accepted into our initial flagship cohort. That means you can rest assured that not only will this be a life changing experience but for the first cohort, it'll be the chance to have a tailor designed program specific to your unique needs and desires, ensuring you can finally close the gap between where you are today and where you aim to be, when it comes to living a life of freedom and abundance as a child of God.  This program will run for 9 months & include the following elements,  personalized to the bold few who choose to dive in head first! 

  • 1:1 mentorship 

  • Group coaching

  • In-person retreats 

  • Intensive holistic healing supports & more

Tell us about your specific needs and express interest to join when we launch


Looking for something else?

Collaborative Meeting_edited_edited_edited.png

Support for your team 

Every month we’ve got a variety of events designed specifically to move past surface level exchange in order to help highly ambitious heart-centered women root in a deeper sense of purpose and power.

If you’re a mission driven organization, working cross culturally and passionate about making a positive social impact in the world we’ve got three ways to support your leadership growth & development.

High Touch Support

Every month we’ve got a variety of events designed specifically to move past surface level exchange in order to help highly ambitious heart-centered women root in a deeper sense of purpose and power.

Seeking a more personalized and high level of support? Choose between two accompaniment options designed to meet you where you’re at & move you closer to your goals

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