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My ultimate aim is to be of service and that requires meeting you wherever it is you're at on your journey of Leading Whole. While some of you may be ready to radically commit to the woman you're becoming by joining one of my programs or offerings, others may currently feel held back by a lack of time or financial resources - if this is you, don't worry...

I get it, we all have a variety of demands on our lives and we must choose how best to prioritize. Not only that but this inner work is intimately delicate and requires we go at our own pace ( remember there is no timeline on your healing).
That said, I never want a sense of lack ( real or perceived ) to be used as an excuse for you not doing the inner work or getting the support you need to lead from a place of wholeness.  

That's why I've got a variety of free support and resources you can access right now ( literally with the click of a button) to help you step into the fullness of your purpose and power.

What are you waiting for? Dive in, explore at your own pace and be sure to share what resonates!
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Come join me on Youtube where I share insights from my journey of Leading Whole, to support you on yours.


Expect a mixture of all things me!


That means tips and tricks as it relates to leadership development and spiritual growth,  heart to heart outpours from my inner growth and healing learnings, "inspired thought" and "flows" in the Spirit,  as well as behind the scenes vlog style glimpses into my everyday life.

If you want to focus on showing up more authentically,  aligned with your values, in tune with your purpose, rooted in a deeper sense of connection to God and committed to becoming your truest and highest self, be sure to subscribe to my channel for regular support and inspiration. 


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In just a couple of minutes I'll help you uncover your core inner strength and the impact you can have on the world by awakening your deeper sense of purpose and power!

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This is a super low tech ( ie. no editing -- I hit record and run with it), up close & personal podcast where I share thoughts, insights and gleanings from my daily devotions & journey of drawing deeper in devotion to God. Think of it as connecting with me for some sacred sister sharing while getting a glimpse into my conversations with God. 

Episode 01 -->  Dying to Your Flesh. This episode explores what it means to die of your flesh, why it's important & what it looks like in our day to day. 

Episode 02 --> Taking Messy Action. This episode explores why taking messy action is so hard to do yet vital & shares insights and tips from the ways I'm leaning into this in my own life. 

Episode 03 --> Being Chosen by God. This episode explore what it really means to be chosen?  God says many are called buts few are chosen and I'll tell you why. 

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It's time to get out of your own way and start showing up as your truest & highest version of self. 

As young children, we carry this light — an ease of wonder and joy and limitlessness — a belief that we are powerful and all things possible... So when did that change?

Sadly, this process of dimming our light often begins at a young age and is learned from a variety of experiences that weren’t meant to crush us but which implicitly taught us things like who we are is not enough or that only certain types of people get certain things in life.


Over time we take these to heart and they become our limiting beliefs which influence our every move and end up holding us back from fully celebrating or sharing our unique voice and abilities with the world.


The good news is that your story doesn’t have to end here – I got you!

Take the first step with this free resource I’ve created to help you begin exploring your inner beliefs and shatter those pesky voices telling you you’re anything less than fabulous.

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Drop your info below to receive occasional emails from me with love notes, Spirit-led insights, access to private events and opportunities for direct support to help you transform into the woman you know you're called to be.   I promise to respect the integrity of your inbox. 

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Let's do this,


While the journey is yours and yours alone, you don't have to go it alone...because the truth is you are not alone

Be surrounded by like-hearted women walking the same path as you.


Draw on their strength, share in their wisdom and be a part of something much bigger than yourself.

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