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Take Your First Step

To Begin Your Journey of Leading Whole

I've created a variety of support to meet you where you're at.  Take a look and see what experience speaks to you most. Each offering is uniquely designed to help you build up the confidence, clarity, courage, and consistency needed to:

  • live life aligned with your values,

  • remain true to yourself in every environment,  

  • take more risks towards the fulfillment of your potential,

  • live with more forgiveness, grace, and self-compassion, 

  • tune into your intuitive voice and inner wisdom,

  • develop greater intimacy with God & regularly experience His Spirit.

Develop a practice of self-love, acceptance & surrender to the Spirit of God within you.

Aligned & Anchored

Aligned & Anchored is our community of practice for socially conscious women of faith awakened to their spirituality and radically committed to becoming their truest, highest versions of self.  Membership benefits include:

  • Private Podcast

  • Group Coaching Sessions to harness our collective wisdom

  • Quarterly Workshops to help you experience the Spirit and hear His voice

  • Affinity Groups to feel more secure and seen

  • Praxis Partners for Loving Accountability 

  • 24/7 access to our online community and app

  • Plus discounts and early access to our other programming

Want to learn how you can gain loving support and accountability as you practice giving yourself back to yourself, aligning your life to your values, and anchoring in a deeper connection to God?

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Unlimited text and voice messaging support.

1:1 Voxer Mentorship 

How different might your life be if you had a consistent presence to bear witness to your journey, help you feel grounded,  hold you accountable to the person you're becoming, encourage and motivate you during the slumps, celebrate the small things that lead to massive success, and give you the holistic insights and intuitive nuggets to birth more ease, clarity, and breakthroughs on your journey of healing and inner growth?

YOU DESERVE THAT TYPE OF SUPPORT and can get it through 1:1 Voxer Mentorship with me. 

During our time together, you'll have unlimited voice and text messaging access where you'll receive high-touch, bespoke mentorship covering all aspects of your life and leadership, personally tailored to YOU.

1:1 support to become a more self aware, compassionate & values-led leader.

Leadership Coaching

As a coach, I’m here to help you grow in self-awareness, hold yourself accountable to the person you aim to become, challenge you to see from multiple perspectives, and open your mind to new ways of thinking and being in the world.


Consider me a thought partner here to affirm, provide powerful prompts and reflections, offer questions that get you to dig deep within,  uncover new insights as well as be a source of constructive feedback by lovingly challenging you where appropriate.


However, the key with coaching is that throughout the entire process you are taking the lead.

My ideal clients understand that I'm not here to tell you what to do or give you all the answers. In fact, they know that the real magic of coaching is in helping you uncover your own answers. 

Our work puts the power back in your hands because it’s your life and you should be driving it. 

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Experience the power of community & how we gather

Join a Retreat

Join us in-person for a transformational week-long retreat in a global destination. Together we will gather to renew, recharge, restore and reconnect. It’s the ultimate rejuvenating experience where together we’ll dive deep into the truth of who you are and pull back the layers to discover what you have the power to do. Our retreats are sacred space focused on healing, reconciliation and liberation that you won’t want to miss. Retreat locations vary every year but will normally take place in one of the following:

  • North America

  • SE Asia

  • East Africa

Retreats are intentionally designed for intimacy and depth, by keeping groups small. Therefore space is limited and available on a first come, first serve basis.  

Let me design the most transformative year of our life. 

Faith on Fire

Many of you who identify as Spirit-led lovers of Jesus have been asking for specific support around your journeys of faith. You've expressed a desire to deepen your understanding of Kingdom principles and experience the Holy Spirit in more tangible ways in order to live a life of Jesus level impact -- full of miracles, signs and wonders. My response to your request is to craft a deeply intimate group experience that enables you to live everyday from a place of Faith on Fire

I want to ensure this experience not only meets your needs but radically exceeds anything you could have ever desired for yourself. Therefore I'm designing the entire learning journey and structuring curriculum around the specific needs expressed by the women accepted into the initial flagship cohort. That means you can rest assured that not only will this be a life changing experience but for the first cohort, it'll be the chance to have a tailor designed program specific to your unique needs and desires, ensuring you can finally close the gap between where you are today and where you aim to be, when it comes to living a life of freedom and abundance as a child of God. 

This program is only for women ready to radically commit to themselves and the collective healing of the group. It involves 9-12 months of deep inner work that will challenge you to be more open, honest and connected than you may have ever been in your life. Expect a five figure investment with weekly touch points and programming that includes a mixture of:

  • 1:1 Mentorship 

  • Group coaching

  • Personalized spiritual formation curricula 

  • In-person retreats 

  • Holistic healing modalities & supports 

  • Full access to the Aligned & Anchored community of practice

Tell us about your specific needs and apply to join when we launch

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Executive leadership coaching & support for your team

Organizational Accompaniment

If you’re a mission driven organization that works cross culturally and is passionate about sustaining a positive impact in the world, we might be great fit to partner! 


We'll help your executive leadership, management teams or constituency grow into more self-aware, compassionate, and resilient agents of change.  


Choose from one of three ways to increase your organizational capacity to not only create positive change in the world but sustain it:

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Resiliency Coaching

  • Women's Leadership Development

My current & past clients include...

Women of Faith looking to cultivate a deeper sense of connection to God (however/ whomever they conceptualize God to be)

Organizational Consultants who feel like they’ve lost their mojo & are questioning whether or not it's time to throw in the towel

Empaths & Heart-Centered Women looking to boundary their gift of giving so that it's not at the expense of their own sense of wellbeing

Directors of NGOs looking to leverage their sense of purpose for more sustainable impact

Big dreamers & entrepreneurial spirits yearning to improve their craft and build a business around helping others

Expats feeling alone in their struggle to navigate all the changes and uncertainty of living outside of one’s home country

Mutli-cultural, multi-racial or third culture kids navigating the complexity of 'life at the intersection'

Mission-Driven Leaders feeling a bit jaded or burnt out who want to find that spark they once had so they can live their values in practice, getting paid while making a powerful impact in the world

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