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Restoring Purpose & Igniting Power

A weeklong retreat for global social change agents

Do you identify with any of the following?
  • You know you were designed to do something big in life

  • You feel overwhelmed by a never-ending list of “to-dos” and personal goals 

  • You have so many ambitious plans/dreams but get distracted when bringing them to life 

  • You’re trying to move forward but unclear of the next best steps 

  • You’ve lost the initial fire you once had for your work/life

  • You know you need a change but aren’t quite sure of what/ how  or where to begin

  • You’re stressed and burnt out by the daily demands of your work/life

  • You feel disconnected from yourself, others and the world.

  • You’ve identified some internal work you’d like to do but need support, accountability and time

  • You are passionate about making positive change

  • You can’t wait any longer to start living your full potential/ the life you know you’re capable of 

If you answered yes,

this retreat is for you.

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This transformational journey will focus on uncovering, clarifying and reigniting one’s sense of purpose in life.  It will call you back to who you are at your core. 


Providing ample space to rest, relax and restore, we invite you to unplug from social media and your day-today responsibilities, to step into a beautiful oasis where authentic connection and restorative self discovery are your main goals.

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This experience is designed specifically for millennials passionate about making and sustaining positive social change in the world and who understand that any positive change must first start within. 


These women may be working in Corporate settings, with NGOs, governments, churches, startups or running their own business.

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Together we will focus on releasing the baggage that has been weighing on your physical, spiritual and emotional health.

This week will be one filled with positive intentions, deep relationship building, moving forward in reconciliation and healing, all while having a great time with a core group of amazing woman who are on this journey with you. 


We will access blocks and restrictions in a safe and grounded manner that allows release with loving acceptance. Through elicitive facilitation practices we will to move towards personal realization, connection and balance. 

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On this 5-day/ 6-night immersion into your Passion, Purpose and Power, you will:

Identify your blocks, limitations and shadows

Release, transform and integrate challenges to utilize them for maximum learning

Become more present to your unique gifts, strengths and path

Engage your truest and highest self

Reignite your authentic calling and mission

Celebrate yourself lovingly, and leave with a clearer focus of your purpose

Understand your visions and how you wish to share them in the world

Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and cultures of Thailand

Build life-long relationships with a select group of phenomenal women committed to bringing their best out into the world

On this journey, we invite you to bring all your questions/ wonderings/ curiosities with you. We also invite you to bring your ideas, goals, dreams and plans.

Some of the “big” questions we tackle together include:

Who am I?


What did I love as a child that I have now forgotten about or not made time for?


What is my purpose?


How do I sustain that sense of purpose on a daily?


What do I have to offer that truly adds value to the world/others' lives?


What is the next best step for me to take?


How do I live aligned with my values to bring all of who I am out into the world?

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If you’re ready to stop playing small, gain clarity in your life,  boldly explore what’s been holding you back so that you can integrate ALL of who you are into how you show up in the world, then THIS retreat is the space for you. 

$1999 USD


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