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Your Quiz Results are in!

It’s official your Core Inner Strength is


And your Heart-Centered, Spiritual Archetype is
The Nurturer!

Happy Women

The Nurturer

Image by Ivan Bandura


 What this tells me is that you already have some amazing powers, even if you're not fully sure how to harness them yet (don’t worry, I got you!)

Your Nurturer Powers:


You’re also known as the Caregiver, Supporter, Teacher, Trustworthy Friend/ Confidant, Community Builder, Protector and Encourager
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YOUR GIFT: Building relationships

YOUR MOTIVATION: To make things better for everyone

YOUR DESIRE: To protect people from harm

YOUR FEAR: Being overlooked and never finding the aligned support you need to allow for inner growth

YOUR STRUGGLE: To dedicate regular and consistent time for yourself, giving you the freedom to flourish

YOUR PURPOSE & POWER: To show yourself the same compassion you show others

My Challenge To You:

In order to find the freedom to truly flourish as the Nurturer Archetype it's time to show yourself the same compassion as you show others. By doing this you'll naturally step into the fullness of your purpose & power.

Nurturer Archetype Snapshot:

Your action steps

Understanding your Core Inner Strength & your own unique natural wiring are the pieces of the puzzle that will allow you to discover the truth of who you are & what you have the power to do!
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Step 1
Prioritizing you

To have the impact on the world you desire it's important to have as much empathy for yourself as you do for others, and that starts by prioritizing your own well-being.


The Nurturer Archetype typically struggles with extending empathy towards themselves. They focus so much on caring for others that they neglect their own emotional needs, leading to burnout and low self-esteem.


Try to treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding you'd offer to a close friend. Be gentle with yourself, acknowledge your weaknesses, and recognize that everyone stumbles at times or makes mistakes, and that's ok.


It's important to set healthy boundaries with those around you, especially if you feel they're taking advantage of your kindness and compassion. By learning to say no to others and openly communicating your needs, you're able to say yes to more of what you want, prioritize your own well-being, and show yourself empathy along the way.

When we come together and engage in a supportive community, we can achieve incredible things, overcome challenges, and make the world a better place. Being part of something bigger gives us the opportunity to share our experiences, ideas, and perspectives with others, and by doing so can have a profound impact on our lives and the lives of others.


When we're part of a community that aligns with our values, beliefs, and vision we're able to make a positive impact and lead our lives from a deep place of awareness, connection, and truth.


But unity isn't just about supporting each other, understanding our Oneness or embracing our similarities. It's about respecting and celebrating our differences too. 


A diverse community is a rich and vibrant community. When we embrace the diversity of identities, experiences and perspectives we all bring to the table, we can learn from each other and expand our ability to see beyond our own limited vantage points, into something much higher. This leads to more creative solutions, new ideas, and a greater spiritual connection, allowing us to fully embrace the truest version of ourselves.

Step 2
Being part of something bigger leadership coach_spriritual growth mentor.png
Step 3
Visualising your future
Window Portrait

Commitment to the future version of yourself, the one you know is within, is what will transform both your life and the world. Visualizing your future helps you get clear on who you need to be now, in order to commit to and embody that future version of yourself. It's what holds you accountable and pushes you to take action.


Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the future, having harnessed your unique purpose & power, showing up boldly as your most authentic self in all that you do.


See yourself in the details – what you're wearing, who you're with, and how you feel. The more vivid your visualization, the more impactful it will be.


Allow yourself to spend the next 5 minutes, eyes closed, simply visualizing this future version of yourself. Focus on how she moves through the world, what emotions she feels, how those around her respond, what she does with her time and what thoughts occupy her mind. 


Bear witness to ALL that she is and pay particular attention to the various ways she shows up in the world with authenticity, self-belief and confidence. Absorb it all and let Her essence wash over you in a wave of complete fulfillment.


After you've allowed yourself to really sit with this woman and imprint a firm mental, physical and spiritual image of who she is, slowly open your eyes and return back to the here and now. 


Keep that vision and all you experienced of Her deep within you… 


let it feed your soul so you never forget that you are that woman.



So that you never forget this core truth:  that the power to create the life you want, live with a deeper sense of connection to God and leave a meaningful mark on this work, lies within you.


“I pay attention to who I allow into my life and intentionally choose to surround myself with loving, supportive people walking the same path as me. I am worthy of the same care and compassion I show to others.”

Some Inner Monologues which might sound familiar….

I have so many dreams and plans but I just don't have time to follow any of them through.


My "To Do" list is so full I never seem to reach the end. Just thinking about it now makes me feel anxious and overwhelmed.


I'm passionate about making positive change in the world but where do I even start and how do I know if what I'm doing is actually moving the needle?


I want to live a life more aligned with my values, but what if doing the inner work unleashes something I can't control and everything starts to fall apart?


I can't make big changes right now. There are too many people relying on me if things were to go wrong.



Begin your journey of leading whole

It's a journey back to your authentic self...


It's the integration of body, mind, and soul...


It's refusing to hide parts of yourself or allow the past to dim your light...


It's a commitment to leading your life from a deep place of awareness, connection, and truth...


Because who you are - just as you are - is complete, whole, and lacking nothing.

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

- Audre Lorde

Are you ready?

Are you READY to awaken a deeper sense of spiritual connection and focus on becoming the truest version of yourself?
I invite you to walk with me on this journey of Leading Whole by stepping into your Purpose & Power.


Patience - a true transformation takes time. Patience allows us to analyze things beyond their face value, helping us stay calm in a storm and focused on our goals.


Understanding - all transformation begins within. Everything we see, have, and experience in this world begins from within, and cultivating a deeper sense of understanding in the world is what will help move you forward in this journey.


Recommitment - every journey of self-discovery and growth requires not only an initial commitment but a regular practice of recommitment. By recommitting to yourself, you're reminding yourself of the deeper why behind what you do and holding yourself accountable as you make your way along the path.


Perseverance - the pathway to personal change is tough and you'll be challenged along the way. Developing perseverance despite the storms of life that may come your way, rather than throwing in the towel when things feel uncertain, unclear or downright miserable, is what will keep you moving further on your pathway to transformation. Trust that there is joy in sorrow, light in even the darkest of moments.


Observation - in life, everything is about perspective. Your perspective is your reality. But we all know our individual perspectives are limited, which is why observation is so key. Those who are observant not only of their outer surroundings and experiences, but also of everything happening internally, are able to tap into a deeper wisdom.


Surrender - give yourself permission to fall apart, put yourself back together, and fall apart again. Developing a willingness to surrender to something greater than yourself and letting God take the lead allows you to fully experience the transformational journey you're on.


Expectation - managing your expectations around how this journey "should" look and feel is an integral part of your journey. There is no right or wrong way as this journey is yours and yours alone. Letting yourself lean into that feeling of abundance instead of allowing yourself to follow in the footsteps of fear will show you the possibilities that lie ahead.



Perspective - society has conditioned us to believe our life should look a certain way. Live your life the way you decide is right for you, with the aim of becoming your truest and highest version of self. We're all seeing life through varying lenses (shaped by society, culture, our upbringing, etc.). By clearing the crud from your glasses you'll increase your quality of light, which allows you to see things through multiple perspectives and respond creatively rather than as a reaction to how you've been conditioned. Explore the parts of your life you're currently only viewing with a singular perspective.


Openness - being open is key to discovering the truth of who you are, and what you have the power to do, because it’s what helps you show up authentically in every aspect of life. Reflect on the ways in which being more open could help you foster a deeper spiritual connection to yourself, others and the world.


Willingness - leaning outside your comfort zone can feel challenging at times but don't shy away from the depth. Leaning outside your comfort zone can feel challenging at times, but don't shy away from the depth. By being willing to take that first step into something new, we unlock a whole other world of possibilities we didn't know existed. Ask yourself "how willing am I to let go and dive head first into wherever this journey may lead?"


Embodiment - are you ready to create the vision of the future you desire, the one you're working towards? Embody that energy and the reality will eventually follow. Everything starts with solidifying an identity that feels right and perfectly fits with the person you're striving to become.


Responsibility - you have complete authority over the life you want to live and while you're not in control of what life might throw at you, you are in control of how you respond. I invite you to take responsibility BY walking with me on this journey of Leading Whole and stepping into your Purpose & Power.

Hi, I'm Akwése

I’m an inner-growth, spiritual formation & leadership development sponge, recovering perfectionist, self-love advocate, healer, creative storyteller, social entrepreneur, martial artist, global adventurer, regular “gut” cleanser, and a daring woman of purpose and power.

See that? I'm not just one thing and neither are you. So stop trying to fit into a mold because, trust me, one box will never be big enough to capture all the beauty that is you. 

I want to help you truly see and believe that! To know that you are complete, whole and lacking nothing, exactly as you are, because, let’s face it, YOU ARE and... 

The world needs you!

not what you do, know or have to offer, but who you are as your truest & highest self.

Supporting heart-centered women, like you, to tap into your own sense of purpose and thus power is what I live for. My mission is to enable you towards your truest self by providing the community, support and tools you need to create the future you’ve been doubting is truly possible.

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