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Step into Your Purpose & Power
as a Socially Conscious Woman of Faith

Ignite Your Inner Strength. Embrace Your Purpose. Unveil Your True Potential.

Do you long to awaken your deeper sense of purpose and power as a Socially Conscious Woman of Faith?


Are you ready to tap into your core gifts and make a profound impact on the world around you? 

Take our free quiz to discover your unique heart-centered spiritual archetype. In just a few minutes, you'll gain valuable insights into your core motivation, desires, fears, struggles, and uncover the true source of your purpose and power.

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Wave goodbye to uncertainty and embrace clarity!

✨ Complete the quiz in just 90 seconds

✨ Receive a personalized archetype analysis and results

✨ Gain access to a variety of tools and resources tailored to your archetype and designed to help you align with a deeper sense of purpose and power

Choose yourselfIgnite the world

Unveil Your Inner Strength and Transform the World with Your Purpose and Power

Now is the time to choose yourself, embrace your power, and step into a life of purpose, fulfillment and freedom.


By taking our quiz you will gain the tools and insights to unlock your true potential and make a lasting impact on the world around you.


Ignite your inner strength, embrace your purpose, and embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

It's time to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and unlock the keys to your true potential.

Introducing our Heart-Centered Spiritual Archetype Quiz, crafted exclusively for women of faith like you, who are looking to align their life with their values and anchor in their relationship with God.

In just a few minutes, experience profound insights into your unique gifts, motivations, and desires. Discover your core essence and awaken your inner power.

As a woman of faith with deep inner strength, you long to harness your power and live a purposeful life.


But you must Stop Giving Yourself To Everyone But Yourself...

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Unleash Your Potential:

  1. Take the Quiz: Engage in a transformative journey of self-discovery and uncover your heart-centered spiritual archetype.

  2. Personalized Insight: Receive a customized report revealing your core essence, strengths, and hidden potential. Gain clarity on your purpose and the impact you can make.

  3. Embrace Your Power: Step into a life aligned with your true self. Embrace your authentic power, living with intention, confidence and freedom as an inheritor of the Kingdom of God.

Hello there! I'm Akwése

Social entrepreneur, spiritual activist, self-love advocate, global adventurer, vegan foodie, lover of life, oh and did I forget to mention, Host of Women of Purpose & Power (WOPP).

Supporting heart-centered women, like you, to tap into your own sense of purpose and thus power is what I live for. My mission is to enable you towards your truest self by providing the community, support and tools you need to create the future you’ve been doubting is truly possible.

Now more than ever women are posed to lead lives of IMPACT, built on feminine values of authenticity, connection, creativity and trust. Yet, if we are to become our TRUEST and HIGHEST versions of selves, we cannot do it alone.

Join me!

Join me in building this global sisterhood rooted in authentic relationships of depth that nourish, encourage, inspire, challenge and grow each sister into all she is called to be!

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