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ATTN: Calling all socially conscious women of faith!

Awaken a deeper sense of connection to the Spirit and focus on becoming the woman God's called you to be!


Aligned & Anchored

Walk with us, lean on us, and share with us as you discover how to give yourself back to yourself, trust yourself fully, own your story without hesitation, hear your inner guide and live your life in such a way that every day you know you’re being the most purposeful and powerful expression of yourself.

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Have you been sitting with life's big questions? Questions like… 

“Who am I?” 

“Why do I do the work I do?” 

“How can I sustain a sense of purpose & live more aligned with my values?”

But you’re afraid that going there will unleash a can of worms that’ll unravel you... and you know you can’t afford a possible breakdown because you have so many that count on you.

If you said yes, then we're so glad to finally meet you!

You have so much wisdom to share with the world, and we are here to help you feel less alone as you navigate who you're becoming in this next stage of your life,  so that you can SHARE IT.

We know you’re looking for something deeper - a deeper connection to God through your faith, to yourself, your loved ones, your community, your work, and the world as a whole. 

But we also know that you may not feel like you have a place you belong to right now. It may have been a long time since you did. Or, you may never have had a space where you felt you were truly seen, accepted, and understood for who you are, with the multitude of identities you carry, each and every day. 

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But we are ready to meet you...
whatever version of you that you’re living in now.


We invite you to walk with us on this journey of Leading Whole (ie. leading life from a deep belief that you are complete, whole, and lacking nothing), to practice showing up with more authenticity, to share your creativity and ideas, grow closer to God, tap into your inner knowing and to forge deep and meaningful connections with the people around you.

We know it can be hard to open up and trust, but connection to self, others, and God is what allows us to cultivate the courage needed to transform ourselves and the world.⁠



Aligned & Anchored

We’re a global sisterhood of courageous women awakened to a deep  spiritual communion with the world and focused on becoming the truest versions of ourselves. By living our values in action and creating space to engage all the various parts of ourselves, we unleash a newfound sense of purpose & power that enables us to lead each day feeling deeply aligned and securely anchored.

You are invited to walk with us, lean on us, and share with us as you discover how to give yourself back to yourself, trust yourself fully, own your story without hesitation, and live your life in such a way that every day you know you’re being the most purposeful and powerful expression of yourself.


You are always welcome here & can remain part of our community for as long as you’d like.

We call ourselves a community of practice because the goal for us is to help you practice showing up to yourself time and time again. To build up confidence, clarity, courage, and consistency in yourself so that you can live a life of authenticity and integrity.

To remain true to yourself in every aspect of your life. 

To be comfortable and confident being your authentic self.

Confident in taking more risks. 

Confident living courageously, with more forgiveness, grace, and self-compassion. 

To connect with your faith on a deeper level. To feel more in tune with your intuition and your love for God (whoever or whatever God looks like for you) so you can be YOU, fully, unapologetically, and with the full force of all your power.

Hear what some of our members have to say...

What's Inside Aligned & Anchored?

Expect a variety of ways to engage with the membership community, plus additional supports being added along the way!

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"RAW" Conversations

Join us for two hours of Real, Authentic & Worthwhile (RAW) conversation each month. Together with other women of purpose and power around the globe, we will dive deep into issues not often discussed openly.

We will explore what it takes to practice our values by exploring what feels incongruent with our beliefs and what feels aligned. This is a space not to debate but to voice what's on your heart, be seen, heard and understood while offering the same to others on the journey of living authentically.




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"Walk Your Truth" Learning Series

Each month I'll be diving into some of the challenges faced in building bridges across divides, pursuing truth, and living out your core values day-by-day, in alignment.  Occasionally, I may also sit down with some phenomenal women who've committed to stepping outside their comfort zones, asking difficult questions, and sitting in uncertainty, all for the sake of truth and becoming their highest selves.

These recordings are for our members only and will hit at topics most relevant to you and what we touch on when together during RAW conversations.




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Join a global community of women who daily ask themselves "how can I show up more connected to my purpose and rooted in my power?"  Women who, above all else, are seeking truth -- asking how can I honor and author what's stirring within?" Women who are ready to play full out and tackle the inner gremlins to heal, grow and transform into their highest expression of self. 




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Praxis Partners

In addition to our group calls and a passionate community of other ambitious women committed to loving their shadows and doing the real soul-searching work of walking in their values, each month you'll have the opportunity to pair off with one sister for supportive accountability in acting on your learning (ie. Praxis).  Because the journey to becoming whom you're meant to be is not always easy, we've crafted a simple strategy for returning to your heart with consistent reflective action that you can do with another sister on the journey.




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OK, let's wrap it all up...

Here's everything you get when you join this community of practice…

12 months of RAW conversations

Value: $3600

12 months of RAW conversations

Value: $199

Instant access to the Walk Your Truth Series

Value: $1099

Our very own mobile app, learn anywhere!

Value: $449

Your own praxis partners

Value: $599

Private invitation & 24/7 access to the Aligned Community

Value: Priceless


Value: $149 of free gifts

Free access to WOPP Events

Value: $499
When you add it all up, it comes to a value of over $6,594.

You can enroll today for a special investment from only...

(need a payment plan? I got you sis...)

Your Own Praxis Partners

A Community of Women of Purpose & Power

Aligned Orientation Course

Walk Your Truth Learning Series

Access to Affinity Groups

24/7 Access to our private community for support & accountability

VIP Access to all WOPP Events

Mobile App to learn & connect on the go wherever you are

Bonus 1: SMART Goals E-book & Worksheet

Bonus 2: 9 Keys to Stand in Your Power

Bonus 3: WOPP Editable Planner

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Have questions? Not sure if Aligned is right for you?
Book a quick call with me by clicking below

Every woman who joins WOPP is committing to herself and the community. That’s why we ask everyone to make a personal commitment to the woman she is becoming, by joining us for a minimum of one years time. 

That said, we understand that you are also on your own journey and may not be ready for or feel aligned with the community we are cultivating. That’s why we invite you to join the membership and try walking with us for 30 days. You can cancel at any point within that time, no questions asked and no fee's charged until day 31, when your yearlong commitment begins.

Want to further your healing & inner growth?

THIS is for YOU.
Join us in the ALIGNED & ANCHORED community of practice

Want to accelerate your growth by joining private small group coaching calls with Akwése?

We have a few spots remaining for this intimate & exclusive UPGRADE

Join us and spend your [FREQUENCY OF CALLS] with us as we shed and heal all that no longer serves you. You will leave these coaching calls completely transformed. This group coaching call is [insert more information here]. 

This has given me courage and confidence to speak more of my truth. Thank you for this opportunity!

Samantha (California, USA)

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
We can’t wait to walk on this journey with YOU.

We need YOU

You not being in our community is a detriment to us. 

Women who have radically committed to themselves are of value to us. That means YOU are of value to us. 

We thrive on the women who are in our community. We grow from their wisdom, experience, spirituality, strength, joy, resilience, and power

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WOPP’s founder, Akwése, is our host and facilitator

With an MSW in Social Innovation & Leadership, over 125 hours of ICF accredited coaching training and over a decade of experience working with people around the world - from leaders of ethnic armed groups in Myanmar to graduate students at Harvard - Akwése’s focus has and always will be helping others discover the truth of who they are and what they have the power to do so that they can show up authentically in every aspect of life, with creativity and a deep spiritual connection to themselves and the world around them. 

Akwése has not only the leadership development expertise but the spiritual rooting, empathetic presence and deep intuitive connection needed to lead our mentorship program. 

But it’s the members and their COURAGE to find power in their vulnerability and unique experiences that make this community so transformative. 

Every single member of WOPP is wanted, needed, seen, heard, and loved for exactly who they are. Our aim is for you to feel this daily, inside and outside of our live gatherings. 


Here are the top F.A.Q.'s:

    Voxer is a free text and voice messaging app available on both Apple and Android (you can even use it on your desktop!). The great thing about Voxer Mentorship is that, unlike the typical 1:1 style, it doesn’t require you to be sitting in front of your computer at a specific time. Instead, we’ll be having an open conversation throughout the day, whenever it best suits you to share.
    That’s the beauty of using Voxer. It doesn't matter when you send your messages! You can share something at 9am, 12pm, 8pm or heck even at 3am when you wake up in the middle of a crazy dream that you know has spiritual significance and deeper meaning. My commitment to you is that I will be checking messages and responding daily, Monday through Friday ICT. What’s cool about Voxer is that while sometimes we may have crossover that allows for live back and forth, the majority of our exchanges will feel like a beautiful extended conversation or personal podcast that you can continue to get nuggets from time and time again ( as some past clients have described it).
    Honestly? Anything! Whether you want to give voice to your feelings, share big life questions you’re sitting with, want a neutral perspective on a situation you’re going through, need to unpack or talk through a challenging conversation, want to plan out a whole 5-year life vision or simply need a pep talk, I’m your girl! I specialize in helping people discover the truth of who they are and what they have the power to do so that they can go do that. Over the last decade I’ve helped more than 1,000 people play full-out to become leaders of their own lives. From facilitating programming for grassroots change-makers, to coaching leadership at Harvard, to running 1:1 and group learning experiences for heart-centered women, I leverage positive psychology techniques and a whole person-centered approach to enable people to live to their truest potential. A lover of people and cultures, I believe that the core of human interactions revolve around understanding and connection -- to God, ourselves and others. Since I am very Spirit-led, you can expect me to share intuitively and help you tap more into your initiative wisdom too. I am particularly skilled in listening to what’s happening below the surface so that we can tackle the core issues keeping you confined and holding you back from feeling anything less than worthy. Regardless of what we discuss and where the conversation goes I aim to create a container where you feel seen, heard and accepted as you are. While I can support with more direct feedback ( especially people coming to create an action plan or build out a program arch) the main beauty in this space is that it isn't about me telling you what to do but where I will help you discover what YOU want to do & then provide loving support and accountability for you to live each day aligned with your values and anchored in faith that more is possible. I’ll support you in the deep inner work required to hear yourself more clearly, uncover strengths you didn't know existed and navigate life more authentically, leading from a place of deep purpose and power. If there’s something in particular you want support with and you’re not sure I can help, please reach out and I’ll either let you know that I’m able to help you or I’ll point you in the direction of someone who’d be a better fit.
    No problem. I want you to feel 100% excited about diving into our work together. If for any reason you feel unsure as to if I'm the best person to journey with you in this way, reach out to me directly with your questions/concerns.
    The great thing about this offering is that you aren't locked into a long contract. Choose from a one week, one month or three month commitment. That said, once you sign up and pay for a package it is non-refundable so I suggest if you're new to voice messaging apps and are nervous you might not like it, simply start with a month and you can always renew or book a three month package later.
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Your journey is YOURS, and yours alone.

Our society has conditioned us to believe that we must be doing more, having more, being more all the time. And when we don’t fall inside the parameters of what is “acceptable”, of what we “should” be doing or where we “should” be at this point in our lives, it sends the message that if we aren’t there then something is wrong and we need to shrink or hide ourselves - to pretend. 

We will never dictate what YOUR life “should”, and “shouldn’t” look like. 

We are here to support you and provide the tools and guidance to help you live your life the way you decide is right for you, all with the aim of becoming your truest and highest version of self (that's why we are called Women of Purpose & Power ;) ).

So are you ready to take the next step to becoming your truest and highest version of self?
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