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We're here for you! help you play full out as your most authentic, connected & liberated self

Hey sis, we're thrilled you've found your way to our little corner of the interwebs. This is the main place we call home. Grab a journal, and a cup of tea, and make yourself comfortable. 





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We’re a global sisterhood of courageous women awakened to a deep spiritual communion with God and focused on becoming the truest versions of ourselves. By living our values in action and creating space to engage all the various parts of ourselves, we unleash a newfound sense of purpose & power that enables us to lead each day feeling deeply aligned in our values and securely anchored by our faith.

You are invited to walk with us, lean on us, and share with us as you discover how to give yourself back to yourself, trust yourself fully, own your story without hesitation, and live your life in such a way that every day you know you’re being the most purposeful and powerful expression of yourself.

Ready to dive in?

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a few ways we can support you...



Join our next cohort of HEAL HER: An 8-week course focused on healing your inner child.


Aligned & Anchored is our ongoing community of practice. It is designed for our course and coaching program graduates to continue their transformative work by nurturing a sustainable healing practice. We call ourselves a community of practice because the goal for us is to help you practice showing up to yourself time and time again. To build up confidence, clarity, courage, and consistency in following God so that you can live a life of authenticity and integrity. 



Waring Women is our yearly summit. Join us for three days of transformative space.  We hold it once a year

Gain the tools you need to show up more aligned with your values, in tune with your Highest Self, and rooted in a deeper sense of Purpose and Power. 


Discover how

events have helped women just like you...

This has given me courage and confidence to speak more of my truth. Thank you for this opportunity!

Samantha (California, USA)

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Your journey is YOURS, and yours alone.

Our society has conditioned us to believe that we must be doing more, having more, being more all the time. And when we don’t fall inside the parameters of what is “acceptable”, of what we “should” be doing or where we “should” be at this point in our lives, it sends the message that if we aren’t there then something is wrong and we need to shrink or hide ourselves - to pretend. 

We will never dictate what YOUR life “should”, and “shouldn’t” look like. 

We are here to support you and provide the tools and guidance to help you live your life the way you decide is right for you, all with the aim of becoming your truest and highest version of self (that's why we are called Women of Purpose & Power ;) ).

So are you ready to take the next step to becoming your truest and highest version of self?

Want to hear it in her words?

Click the videos below and listen to the impact Aligned & Anchored has had on these ladies lives. 

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We'd love for you to join us!

Host & Facilitator 

With an MSW in Social Innovation & Leadership, over 125 hours of ICF accredited coaching training and over a decade of experience working with people around the world - from leaders of ethnic armed groups in Myanmar to graduate students at Harvard - Akwése’s focus has and always will be helping others discover the truth of who they are and what they have the power to do so that they can show up authentically in every aspect of life, with creativity and a deep spiritual connection to themselves and the world around them. 

Akwése has not only the leadership development expertise but the spiritual rooting, empathetic presence and deep intuitive connection needed to lead our mentorship program. In June 2023 she became an ordained Minister.

But it’s the members and their COURAGE to find power in their vulnerability and unique experiences that make this community so transformative. 

Every single member is wanted, needed, seen, heard, and loved for exactly who they are. Our aim is for you to feel this daily, inside and outside of our live gatherings. 

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