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Where Women of Purpose & Power Gather to Go Deep 


Cultivating Sacred Space to Nourish your Mind, Body & Soul 

For women on the journey of healing, inner growth & transformation.

When it comes to our Immersive Experiences and Inner Intensives we are committed to cultivating courageous space for diverse women of faith committed to radical truth telling as they heal, grow and transform into their truest & highest versions of self.

Every experience is designed specifically to move past surface level exchange in order to help you connect with the Truth of who you and what you have the power to do as a Child of God, inheritor of The Kingdom and a Co-Creator with the Spirit within. 



Join a Retreat

Join us in-person for a transformational week-long retreat in a global destination. Together we will gather to renew, recharge, restore and reconnect. It’s the ultimate rejuvenating experience where together we’ll dive deep and pull back the layers to who you are. Our retreats are sacred space focused on healing, inner reconciliation and self-liberation that you won’t want to miss. Be on the lookout for our next yearly in-person retreat, taking place in one the following places:

  • North America

  • SE Asia

  • East Africa

Retreats are intentionally designed for intimacy and depth, by capping groups at 9.  Payment plans are available and spaces first come, first serve.  

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Upcoming Opportunities to Gather

Curious to know what events and experiences with the
Women of Purpose & Power collective are 

We can’t wait to walk on this journey with YOU.

We need YOU

You not being in our community is a detriment to us. 

Women who have radically committed to themselves are of value to us. That means YOU are of value to us. 

We thrive on the women who are in our community. We grow from their wisdom, experience, spirituality, strength, joy, resilience, and power

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Let's do this.


While the journey is yours and yours alone, you don't have to go it alone...because the truth is you are not alone

Be surrounded by like-hearted women walking the same path as you.


Draw on their strength, share in their wisdom and be a part of something much bigger than yourself.

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